Well this is my first post, after a long week of repairing my nexus one, I feel it is time.

About 2 months ago I dropped it, it fell 3-4 feet and landed screen first on the concrete, luckily it only cracked the digitizer and not the lcd screen. I finally got the courage a week ago to get a new digitizer and take it apart. Everything went pretty smooth, and it was pretty simple, or so I thought. Right when I was about to swap digitizers, I realized I severed a data connection for the tack ball and the home buttons. But $70 later, the over night connection from hong kong came, and the re assembly started.

As others have said, getting a good seal between the digitizer and the mount is essential if you don't want dust getting in. I tried double-sided with gorilla tape on the outside, but it was far to tedious to get cuts that thin. So i went with super glue, which was great until a little bit got on the digitizer, so there was another day of using goof off to get the screen clean again.

Once the screen was ready to go, the re assembly took about an hour. I did end up with 2 tiny rubber spacers left over, but everything works great.

For anyone who is debating if its worth it to do on your own, it is. It cost $100 and a few hours, but if you are careful you can get away with only the cost of the digitizer. It took about 3 hours to get apart, and about an hour to put back together. If you have any questions about it, let me know. I used the teardown guide from ifix it, and there are also some videos on youtube if you get stuck taking it apart.