Thinking of switching to WP7... Need objective advice

This is a discussion on Thinking of switching to WP7... Need objective advice within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Originally Posted by Dude Random21 Also there is a reason that WP7 isn't even on the world’s top 3 mobile OS list and android is ...

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Thread: Thinking of switching to WP7... Need objective advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude Random21 View Post
    Also there is a reason that WP7 isn't even on the world’s top 3 mobile OS list and android is in second place. That reason is in part what was discussed above. Also why do you say you are bound to at&t I mean anyone can switch carrier any time then want just you may have to pay contract termination fees but since you have a N1 there is no way it is on a contract with at&t so just leave head over to t-mo or even sprint or Verizon.
    I am not bound to ATT in the contract sense, but just bound because of simplicity. We are all on a family plan with ATT and eh it would just add to the list of other numerous bills we get. Just a hassle really. Also I have to travel a lot and as much as people gripe about ATT it really is the best in terms of world coverage (although very expensive).

    So yeah I guess I will wait and see whats in store for the Motorola Olympus. That looks kinda spiffy. I don't know... It is such a tough decision.

    I love Android but the way Google and carriers handle updates and overall support is just a complete pain in the ass. So thats another thing. I love the OS, but there is no consistency with phones. Some android phones are still running cupcake even though they are capable of handling eclair or even froyo.

    So I loooove the OS. It is definitely the best OS out there in my opinion. But the management of it is just really irritating.

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    Well that's one reason why the carriers and in some sense the MFR don't like the Google experience. Truth is Carriers nor the MFR care about updating the OS. It's money loss. Why let a phone keep updating with all the new features and not make customers buy new phones. Look at Samsung with the Galaxy S series. They'll update them to 2.2 when the new Samsung phones come with Gingerbread. That's why honestly the best way to go is rooting the phones IMPO. The problem is how unpredictable the rooting can be. Although I've never had any major issues, it's not for everyone to root. Now the MFR are trying harder to lock down the phones to not make them so easily rooted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndroidIsTheTruth View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by lionsson View Post
    Wait till January for Motorola Olympus

    Yes that's the one.

    Dual-core Motorola Olympus to be announced by AT&T at CES 2011? Unwired View

    This could be very well be my next phone with AT&T. It goes again all principles though of owning an AT&T branded phone, but if they can get the rooting right with this.
    I've used this phone (a pre-production version) and though I might be a little biased (some of my software / hardware is in here), I think the phone is pretty kick-ass and definitely worth waiting a few weeks for, especially if you're tied to ATT.

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