Dear Nexus One Owners, Would you......?

This is a discussion on Dear Nexus One Owners, Would you......? within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; I personally wouldn't sell mine for any less than $400. It's still one of the top 5 phones on the market imo....

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Thread: Dear Nexus One Owners, Would you......?

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    Senior Member fiercefire's Avatar
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    I personally wouldn't sell mine for any less than $400. It's still one of the top 5 phones on the market imo.

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    Senior Member dragongunner's Avatar
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    I will NEVER sell my N1. I will upgrade to a dual processor phone (hopefully stock google) this year and my N1 will be retired, but never sold. Perhaps give it to my son as his first phone when he gets older.
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    Android Jr Member Fury's Avatar
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    I wouldn't either,

    If I had to pick a reason...

    I hate the plastic cheep feel of Samsung phones.

    The N1 is a "solid" phone, I like that
    + its very unique and got my name engraved on the back x)

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    Member robt772000's Avatar
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    I agree. I almost bought an NS but I thought it was not a big enough leap ahead tech wise from the N1. Duel core samoled+ 4.5in HDMI 64gb 4g etc. will be my next phone. The N1 will go on display on the mantlepiece.
    Was the only Australian N1 I have seen but my mate now owns one.
    32gb Sandisk.
    CM all the way baby.

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    Super Moderator AndroidIsTheTruth's Avatar
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    Nexus S No.

    Samsung Infuse 4g, in a heartbeat. This phone should had been the Nexus S.

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    Member VanGTO's Avatar
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    Hell No bro it is worth way more than that.

    + the NS is not a significant step up from the n1 imo. I'd hoped that the NS would be a game changer like the n1 was but it is a bit of an anti climax for me. I know people will bang on about true google experience and updates etc... but as soon as you try a custom ROM you don't go back tbh!

    Don't like the lack of a SD slot, lack of dual core processor and Samsung build quality is not as good as HTC imo.

    Like DragonGunner, I am gonna wait it out for a dual core bad boy that should be out this year or the next nexus which hopefully will be a badass piece of kit!

    I for one am gonna keep mine as it is by far the best phone i have ever had, it looks the t!ts and is a bit of android and nexus history.
    Oh how I long for the next CM7 on N1

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    Senior Member shizane101's Avatar
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    No, because the Nexus One will one day be a collector's item and worth more than you paid for it. Haha! I'm joking! Hmm... maybe I'm not. Come to think of it, if Android really overtakes the cell phone market like Windows did to the PC, then maybe this phone, being it was the first real Google phone that started it all, might be a hot antique 20 or so years from now.

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    Junior Member kris_tal's Avatar
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    Thanks everyone... I didn't do it! I went back to look at the NS and it's horrible looking. And it didn't feel right. And of course, you all made great points. I love my N1!

    P.S.: VanGTO, I'm not a "bro"..I'm a chick..

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    Android Lurker iPeck's Avatar
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    Horrible look and cheap plastic feel

    sent from my Nexus One via Tapatalk (probably in my bus)

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    I am keeping my N1.. it has been a awesome phone since i got it last March. The new phones are nice and give the 'Ohhh AHHH' feel and sound, but those phone are geared toward the basic consumer. For us we know phones.

    When/If the time comes to get a new phone and replace my N1.. I will just let my GF have it. Of course to replace the N1 it will have to be a vannila stock phone and not the 'crap-ware- that comes on the phones when you by them from tele-companies. There will be a point when they can not cram no more into a phone and it becomes more or less a tablet.

    So for now and the near future I am happy with my sexy nexy at my side.

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