Nexus One vs Iphone4 - HELP MEE!!!

This is a discussion on Nexus One vs Iphone4 - HELP MEE!!! within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Hello fellow Nexus users. I am really sorry for the lack of content in this post but i am desperate at this point. I really ...

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Thread: Nexus One vs Iphone4 - HELP MEE!!!

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    Nexus One vs Iphone4 - HELP MEE!!!

    Hello fellow Nexus users.

    I am really sorry for the lack of content in this post but i am desperate at this point. I really really love my Nexus but i am having 'the itch' to trade it in for an iPhone4.

    I am so torn between the two phones im not sure if i should just give in to my compulsive behavior.

    Please help me make up my mind. I love geeking it up and have been on Cyanogenmod for a bit trying out different apps. I love the whole google sync feature but the iPhone appstore is so much more mainstream. :nexusx::iphone:

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    I just have a few things to say.

    One, even if you want the iphone 4 and decide to buy it keep your nexus one it will probably pay off in the long run if you want to sell it.

    Two, I wouldn't change from android to IOS for the number of apps in the app store because if you wait a month two or maybe even give it a year, android will surpass IOS. Especially with the new NDK because the NDK means a programmer can do it all in c++ (or a few other languages I believe) if he wants and that is a big help if he doesn't know any java so more programmers = more apps in the long run.

    Three, well you could flash some new ROMs and have some more fun with the android OS.

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    You'd really give up your Nexus for a million more fart apps?

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    Yes do it. I will buy your Nexus for $50!
    Or no. My N1 is one year old and has not one mark on it. HTC builds really stong industrial devices not fragile pretty things. My old iphone was 'used' in a week.
    Not to forget OS. Its a no brainer. I like WP7 more than ios4. Ios was the first real smartphone OS but Android will be the last.
    Was the only Australian N1 I have seen but my mate now owns one.
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    CM all the way baby.

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    At least wait until this summer to see what the new iPhone does.

    It's possible that it will do 4G for one of the providers.

    AND there are a number of new Android phones coming that you might prefer.

    My only problem with Android phones is that almost all of the phones have so much customization that new versions of the OS take forever to trickle down to them. No way I would switch from a "with Google" phone to a "with Bloatware" phone. I guess I could go to a CM ROM also.... :nexusx:

    All that and I'm going to pull the trigger on an iPhone for the wife soon. Getting her off the 7 year old candy bar.

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    Senior Member FlyingsCool's Avatar
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    Sorry for the question, but are you trolling? You didn't say why you want to switch. How are we supposed to answer your question?

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    Junior Member thastig's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingsCool View Post
    Sorry for the question, but are you trolling? You didn't say why you want to switch. How are we supposed to answer your question?
    I am not trolling. I am seriously, or was having a phone identity crisis.
    I actually want to switch because i was really impressed by the high density screen of the iPhone, not to mention the seamless HD video recording. I also saw better colors on the iphone pictures when compared side by side. I also like the itunes phone management. i wish android had a program to manage the phone from the computer.

    I also noticed the iPhone gets picked for official apps for major services sooner. like transfering funds from my bank from a native secure official app. or maybe using an app to pay my phone bills with an app from my service provider

    Anyways ive decided to stick with the nexus because i love the tinkering too much. who knows how much farther i can push it. plus i love the live wallpapers and endless customizations.

    If the iphone 5 or whatever comes, i might switch phones.....if its really a lot better AND the rumored dual core android devices are not delivered by then.

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    Honestly the apps in the app store for ios are really not that much better, maybe with a few better games, but other then that, there app store is full of junk just as the android app store is. I have an ipad, and i think i have more apps on my phone for my nexus one then i do on my ipad.

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    I was so disappointed with the Nexus S specs that I went out and bought an unlocked Iphone 4. I'm keeping the N1, of course.

    On the plus side, the Iphone is a gorgeous piece of hardware. There are many, many third-party devices available that work on all iPhone devices. The OS is very stable, I haven't rebooted in weeks and never worry about memory. You don't have to concern yourself with different OS versions for different carriers. Apps for the Iphone seems more expensive and less capable than that for the N1. Google software is now available for the Iphone, but there's a few missing chunks. A big problem is that you have to filter music, photos, etc. through iTunes on a PC, which is a major piece of garbage. Apple doesn't allow direct access to filesystems etc. without a jailbreak.

    I love my N1, but it still has minor hardware problems never corrected by Htc/Google. Android has a lot going for it, but it is undergoing a diaspora that has me worried about support commitment from Google and the providers.

    I guess that, in metaphoric summary, using the iPhone is like living in a very pretty and comfortable prison camp. Using the N1 sets you free, but you're free in Central Park at midnight.

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    good anology david
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