After deleting bulky apps I don't use but never deleted because I didn't realize that apps on the SD card take up lots of space on internal storage anyway, I installed Rockplayer Lite.

Tested it out on .avi files, works great.

Tested it out on .mkv files, with selectable subtitles built into the video, and I couldn't get the subtitles work. I was impressed that it asked me the audio language I wanted (and both options work), but there seemed to be no way to select subtitles.

On the Rockplayer site, it says you use subtitles on the Rockplayer by having a subtitle file of a certain format with the same name as the file in the same folder, but there is no say of using selectable subtitles built into the video file.

In the Rockplayer options there are selectable subtitle size, color, and encoding (which has like 100 options which I can't figure out). Changed these around and fiddled with the available options to no avail.

I was wondering if there is a way to get .mkv files to show subtitles on Rockplayer Lite, or if there was another video player that could do it.

Thanks for any help you can give.

And if you were wondering, there reason I need subtitles is to watch anime and I can't understand Japanese... yet <(>_>)>