I could possibly just ask if there is a good web browser that just has a good bookmark system, but I hear many of them work by connecting to a proxy server and sending the information back to you, which sounds stupid to me.

ANYWAY while I have no problems with the rest of the built in Android Web Browser, I HATE the stupid bookmark system it has. No folders and the order of the bookmarks keeps changing to "try" to meet my liking? I'd like it if I could reliably know where each bookmark is rather then have to search through all of them which are placed in an almost random order and are constantly moving and changing places.

Right now I have Super Bookmark which has folders and organizes my bookmarks alphabetically (who the heck at google thought no folders and bookmarks that keep changing their order was a good idea?), was wondering if there is anything better, possibly something that would open in place of the built in bookmark system if I pressed the bookmark button from within the android web browser.

Thanks for any help you can give.