That "I need a new phone" itch

This is a discussion on That "I need a new phone" itch within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; No real itch here but I think I'm going to see if I can lay my hand on an atrix but if I can't it's ...

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Thread: That "I need a new phone" itch

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    Android Lurker DudeRandom21's Avatar
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    No real itch here but I think I'm going to see if I can lay my hand on an atrix but if I can't it's no big deal my nexus one still rocks.

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    Apr 2010
    I'm really itching to get the Motorola Atrix!

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    Android Lurker dudedidtheplan's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Every now and then I get a little googley eye'd (pun intended) at some of the phones. I played around with the Nexus S and compared it to other phones. For the time being it is probably the one I would want the most. Sure the Atrix and other Tegra phones look awesome, but I really wonder about battery for these things. It's bad enough for our batteries to try to keep up with the 1Ghz Snapdragon.

    Anyway. What itch I had has been fulfilled by rooting my N1 and I'm pretty excited about what has just developed for me. My Fender MyTouch 3g got the Froyo update a little over a week ago and it just shut the phone down. It's horrible. Did a factory reset...everything. Went to T-Mobile Store. The guy who looked at it told me what a sweet phone it was and then proceeded to try to use it. He locked it up in less than 10 seconds!

    So anyway. Short story long (lol). TMo is sending me a brand new Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. Been reading up on it. Love the on board 16gigs, hummingbird, 720 vid, and of course the 4" samoled screen. TMobile and Sammy seem to have really screwed up this phone with bloatware and and the non-OTA update.

    So what say ye? Should I root the beotch?:rofl3:

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    Senior Member dragongunner's Avatar
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    I was just reading about Samsung Galaxy S 4G that Tmo is supposed to be coming out with later this month. This phone definitely should have been the Nexus S. I am tempted to try it out but I am not certain I can trust Samsung with their recent track record of how they support their other Galaxy S phones.
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    That does look like a sweet phone, but I agree, Samsung is not making people happy these days.

    Btw. They sent me a refurbished Vibrant w/o a memory card (w/Avatar). Since the rep I spoke to said I was getting a "New" phone and I specifically asked if it was refurbished, I'm pretty pissed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingsCool View Post
    Yeah, I gotta say I've been spoiled by the N1. I absolutely HATED Verizon's attempts to control everything on the phone and I like the "freedom" I feel here with very few crap apps. No new phone itch here, I'm still very happy with what I've got. I'll be waiting probably till 2012 before I upgrade, maybe not even then. The next phone better be wayyyy faster, have a ton of memory for apps (the N1's biggest failing), and have the ability for easy video phone, and easy internet phone.
    Your preachin to the Quire Fly..... My Nex'y turns one on the 8th and I havn't seen any thing worth turning my head...... Far as I'm concerned she's still the sexiest phone available on any network, and from the look of things to come will always be the only truely OPEN platform........ The way things are looking I'll be letting her die of old age before upgrading.

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    I just got the G2 in and it was pretty slow at 800mhz, So now it is rooted and overclocked to 1.5Ghz. Some have it running stable at 1.9. Insanely fast where I have it now, plus I have a qwerty if I decide to use one.

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    Jan 2010
    How about the HTC pyramid?

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    I've got the itch bad but am going to hold out for a tegra 2 on tmobile. I refise to get a samsung they feel cheap, if i had to go today and get a new phone it would be the mytouch 4g, played with a buddy's and it is a nice phone.

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    I was intrigued by the HTC WinMo 7 phone for ATT. It was a pretty sweet phone. Ain't gonna lie.

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