Pretty ho-hum article here, but what I found interesting, or at least comforting, with all the discussion of "Android Fragmentation", and I agree to an extent with the issues, was the last paragraphs of the article

HTC's example, however, may be falsely comforting to the myriad manufacturers, including LG, Huawei and ZTE, that are now rushing out Android smartphones.

"The number of manufacturers that have the software engineering resources to deliver enough differentiation on Android is small and shrinking," warned Geoff Blaber, senior analyst at U.K.-based telecoms consultancy CCS Insight.

That may be exactly what Google wants.

"They have created a lot of competition, are giving manufacturers the flexibility to deliver customization, but in fact they're cleverly pushing them towards a very controlled Google experience down the road," Blaber said.

I hope Blaber is right. I'm really happy with my Nexus One, it's the phone I've wanted since I got my first Palm Pilot, and even before. I"m not looking for differentiation or silly features. I've always hated all the things that carriers like Verizon have done to try to steal more money by shutting off features that are already in my phone and then trying to sell them back to me. I hated it so much I left Verizon for T-Mobile despite T-Mobile's much worse coverage. So far, I like the fact that the N1 is controlled by Google and not the carrier (except for that stupid search bar in Maps ;-) ).

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