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Thread: Mixed Feelings about upcoming technology

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    Mixed Feelings about upcoming technology

    I just read today that Nvidia will come out with quad core technology by the end of the year for both tablets and phones.

    NVIDIA Reveals Project Kal-El: A Quad-Core CPU For Mobile Devices, Coming To Tablets By August 2011, Phones By Christmas | Android News, Reviews, Apps, Games, Phones, Tablets, Tips, Mods, Videos, Tutorials - Android Police

    When I first read this I had mixed feelings about it. I mean I love the fact that mobile computing is taking off in leaps and bounds and I really do look forward to this technology, however I must also admit that I am disheartened.

    I was and perhaps still am looking to buy a dual core phone sometime in the coming months but with this quad core making its debut by the end of the year makes me hesitate with wanting to spend money so quickly now.

    I dont know perhaps even though quad core processor technology will be available by years end it will still take some time before we will see it in phones and tablets by years end, but with the way current trends are going I am sure companies are already in the planning stage for quad core processors.

    So I guess the main question I have to answer for myself is should I stick with my N1 which in my opinion still the best phone on the market to own, get on board with a dual core processor phone in a couple of months, or just wait until the end of the year for a quad core processor phone knowing that my N1 will handle everything just fine until then.

    I love having the ability to have choices like this but I feel its sort of a curse at the same time. What are your feelings?
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    I'm planning on getting an interim phone, like the rumored HTC pyramid for the meantime, and upgrade to the next series when my 2 year contract is up next February. I'm figuring one off contract, one on contract is a good trade off. Still really haven't found a suitable upgrade from my trusty N1 other than the G2. Hard to beat the N1 right now.

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    Eh, other then bragging rights, what would the dual core get you right now? Probably not much. So might as well wait for the quad.
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    I too get caught up in the 'Techgasm' of the new speeds of phones/tablets etc etc..

    Then I take a deep breath (and the nudge from the woman) and realize that what I think a lot of the company's are forgetting is the substance of their products.

    Yes fast is nice.. but just like a Mobo you can have fast CPU but without a bus to make good use of it you do not get what ya paid for.

    Still love my N1 and was hyped with the Atrix and now that more and more info is coming out about it (and price) I am off my Techgasm (but now I am looking at the Galaxy S II and the Xoom).

    What I am looking for is the NFC in products. That is the next big thing that phones/tablets will have. I don't need a phone to play games. I like substance in a phone which is why I think the N1 is still a great phone (also you notice a lot of graphs that are shown for speeds and FPS etc etc.. guess what is usually in the top 5..our Sexy Nexy.)

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