2.33 new features for N1

This is a discussion on 2.33 new features for N1 within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; So what new features / improvements are you noticing specific to Gingerbread on a Nexus One? To start off, here is some of the new ...

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Thread: 2.33 new features for N1

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    2.33 new features for N1

    So what new features / improvements are you noticing specific to
    Gingerbread on a Nexus One?

    To start off, here is some of the new features reported from the Android Developers website (2.3 not 2.3.3).

    Please detail what you have noticed in this thread.

    UI Refinements: the new UI has been redesigned to be easier, faster and more power-efficient. The theme's background has been changed to black in areas like the notification bar, menus and other parts of the UI. Changes in menus and settings have also been introduced for simplified use and navigation.
    New Keyboard: The keyboard has been updated for faster input and editing. The keys have been reshaped so presses are more accurate, and an idea stolen from add-in applications like SwiftKey, the new keyboard now displays word suggestions based on what you're typing. You can switch to voice mode from the keyboard to replace selections, too. Multi-touch key-chording lets you enter numbers and symbols with keyboard shortcut combos, instead of having to change to the numeric keyboard mode.
    Word Selection Improved: Now you can select a word via press-hold, a similar gesture to what's used on iPhone for the same task. On Gingerbread, this takes you to a free-selection mode where you can adjust the area needed to select by dragging two bounding areas together.
    Copy/Paste Improved: The press-hold gesture mentioned above also starts the copy/paste process. After selecting content, press anywhere in the selection mode to copy the text.
    Improved Power Management: Android now is more active in managing apps that keep the device awake, even going so far as to close apps when appropriate. In the Application Settings, users can now see how the battery is being used by various apps.
    Application Control: A shortcut to Manage Applications is now in the Options menu from the Home Screen. A new Running tab displays a list of active apps and the storage/memory being used. From here, apps can be stopped, ending the need for add-on "task killer" type applications to do this.
    Internet Calling: Internet Calling (SIP) addresses can be added to Contacts and calls can be placed from the Quick Contact or Dialer. A SIP account is needed for this feature to work. This feature will be available depending on manufacturer and carrier support
    Downloads Management: Downloads can now be access and manager from the browser, email or within an app. A new Download Manager is introduced for this.

    To see this list with images:

    Not all of these might work on the N1. Also this list was prior to our 2.3.3 update, so their are new ones not listed here.

    Please add you have found noticed.



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    android stock keyboard always had a suggested/auto complete function. maybe not as intuitive as swiftkey, but it was there

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    Webm support!!!
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    3D improvements that's for sure! Productivity boost 139 points and Games boost 260 points!!!

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    One bummer is the swipe gesture has been removed from the keyboard to call up speech to function. I realize the key is still there but I was used to the swipe. Oh well

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    has anyone noticed orange at the top and bottom of the screen when scrolling through the home menu or facebook. basically it seems like when you get to the end of a list of anything, it turns orange

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    Ya that is like a notification to tell you that you hit the bottom of the list it is the same on all the scrollable lists it's just some flashy animation that looks cool that Google wanted to put in the make the UI look nicer.

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    oh gotcha. that makes sense.

    it also looks like 2.3.3 added google books. i never had this before, but it's in my home menu now

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    The biggest change is in imaging for now. Suppose to be there to allow dev's to develope games on par with iphone. At least that's what I read.
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    The changing of the colours of suggested words when typing is very annoying. Before it was very easy to tell which word it wanted to pick.. now it's difficult and it's just all orange!

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