I need to root my phone?!?

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Thread: I need to root my phone?!?

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    I need to root my phone?!?

    All right, this is a predominantly useless post. Mostly I'm just frustrated, but I do also have a question: I just got a (used) Nexus One. It's my first smartphone and, in practice, my first real cellphone (I used to have a cruddy Tracfone). I got this one, specifically, because it was my understanding that the Google phones (the Nexus One, Nexus S, and G1 Dev phone) did not require the owner of the phone to jump through any hoops or rely on any exploits in order to gain super user access to their own device. A restriction that I consider to be appalling. I'm finding now that this does not seem to be the case.

    None the less, I'm certain that I did hear something about the Google phones having fewer restrictions, so my question is: What was the source of my confusion? Is there any redeeming quality here, or should I simply be angry?

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    I suggest browsing our Hack / Development section for all your rooting needs. There are no "restrictions" on the Nexus One phone. There's a different between rooting and unlocking your bootloader or OneClick and keep bootloader locked. This is all explained in the Development section. Also we will help guides as best possible to root the phone. OneClick is pretty much the safe way to go, but still have to proceed with caution. Read read and read first before proceeding if this is your first time rooting. Assure to follow each step and do not skip. Once you root, immediately back up everything before proceeding.

    Happy rooting.

    Ask questions, we will guide you. This is a friendly helpful forum and won't bite your head off. Just nibble a little bit.

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    There is currently no way to root the latest version of android (2.3.3) on the Nexus, unless you unlock the bootloader. An exploit has been found (GingerBreak), but I believe it is being held back until more phones are updated to Gingerbread...

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    Good advice, Truth; and good news, danger--thanks for mentioning this.

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