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Thread: Now that the dust has settled...

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    Now that the dust has settled...

    Every time I wake up my N1 there is screen notification that new system update is available, urging me to install it, and up to now I have been strong and tell myself: "just say no" to gingerbread. I have read so many negative reports about GB glitches that it doesn't seem worth it to leave the safety and stability of Froyo. I've heard that Google Voice is broken on GB, and that wake-up widgets that use the trackball are not supported. Since my power button is flaky and failing, and my N1 is out of warranty, I need these widgets -- at least one of them, to work. Also I use Google Voice almost exclusively for text messaging, voice mail, and phoning. Is GB really just the Android equivalent of Windows Vista -- a premature lemon? Maybe there will be a GB patch that fixes all that seems to have gone wrong in this release? Anyone out there bug and glitch-free with GB on the N1?


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    the app anyunlock works great under GB to wake the phone without power button (with vol buttons). I would not consider GB a lemon in any way. I really like it. The keyboard is way better and the new system default app2sd is preventing me from root need. The phone is faster too and very stable. For me its more stable than froyo. But there are as many experiences as there are N1's.

    Guess its a question of taste. Some doesnt like the UI, I do.

    The only issues I had with GB were touchscreen issues and keyboard force closes wich were fixed simply by keeping the screen clean. (tx to N1David )

    Really glad I made the switch.

    Therefore if you don't like it, you can easily flash 2.2 back on your phone

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    for the most part I'm bug and glitch free... initially Google Maps was extremely slow to load - but was fine within a day or two (same exact thing happened with Froyo - maybe maps has to learn to the new OS?).

    All apps and OS in general runs much faster and smoother... However, battery life is awful since GB! I just ordered a new new bat (since Google seems to think its a non-issue - even thought there are boatloads of complaints)... I'm hoping its a coincidental bad battery and the new one will fix... otherwise GB is not worth the crappy battery life.

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    you're missing out and believing the outlier reports of some people having issues. everything works for me, and it works better

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