There are those lucky users who are able to fake a carrier and install apps not available in their country with Android Market 3.xx. I am but possibly the lesser ones who though managed to fake carriers using Market Enabler / Market Acess but still unable to search for apps which are not available to my country.

Now this is a working workaround method that I've tried using 2 types of Market Enabler available in the Market and also Market Access.

Who should be using this workaround?
Users who successfully faked a carrier using Market Access / Market Enabler with Android Market 3.xx but still unable to find certain apps within the new market 3.xx.

Tested Working with the following
Market Access

Market Enabler

Market Enabler

1. Install Market Enabler or Market Access
2. Run Market Enabler / Market Access
3. Fake a carrier from within Market Enabler / Market Access
4. Open your browser
5. Search using keywords like "Google Earth Android Market"
6. Click on the searched results and select to open with "Market"
7. You will be re-directed to Android Market
8. Once market opens, you will see your desired app and will now be able to install.
9. Once you installed, I recommend you select "Allow automatic updating".
10. You may restore your value back to your original carrier.
11. From now onwards, if there is any updates (even though it is not available in your country) it will be automatically updated when available.

Have fun :D