I have replaced both the lcd and digitizer on my N1. Everything came back together perfectly and the screen looks great. But the digitizer didn't seem to work once the phone was back together. I started taking the phone back apart to see what was wrong. Nothing seemed to be wrong so before I put everything back together, I put my battery in the phone and held it in place since the battery holder was still off the phone. Turns out, the digitizer does work as well as the screen and works perfectly if the phone is half apart. So, I started putting the phone back together and the issue seems to be with the battery holder. If you put that black battery holder on the back of the phone and snap it into place, it causes one of 2 things. Either the digitizer works but the lcd screen doesn't or the lcd screen works and the digitizer doesn't recognize your touch screen. It seems to be either shorting out or something is pinched inside the phone. The battery holder does snap in pretty tightly and does put more pressure on the components inside. Anybody else have this issue or could you tell me which place to start looking?