No MEMORY! To ROOT? Unlock Bootloader? Custom Recovery? ????

This is a discussion on No MEMORY! To ROOT? Unlock Bootloader? Custom Recovery? ???? within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; All, I have a original N1 (2.3.6) that, even though a wee bit aged, is still better then the iPhone 4S EXCEPT I am having ...

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Thread: No MEMORY! To ROOT? Unlock Bootloader? Custom Recovery? ????

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    Junior Member DAK_nexusone's Avatar
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    No MEMORY! To ROOT? Unlock Bootloader? Custom Recovery? ????

    All, I have a original N1 (2.3.6) that, even though a wee bit aged, is still better then the iPhone 4S EXCEPT I am having issues with RAM/memory.
    I have moved any app I can move to SD card. Still getting "Phone Storage Space is getting Low' flag.
    What are my options to get memory back?

    Root? Unlock bootloader? Recovery Image (ClockworkMod ( / Amon_Ra's / PSFreedom 1.1.1) which one and why? Is there garbage from apps I have deleted that needs to be purged/ can be purged??

    What is my best direction to get some needed memory back?

    When I look for ROOT or UNLOCK BOOTLOADER there are a number of choices! Can any one provide clear detailed instructions, if that is the correct direction to go! I am using Apple laptop.

    Any and all help is very much appreciated.

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    Junior Member money_nexusone's Avatar
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    im in the same boat..another reason I want to root is lack of space

    Also on 2.3.6 and cannot find a clear cut step by step instructions

    I did see a video on androidandme but it is old

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    Android Lurker xbilly's Avatar
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    Having the same problem here with lack of internal memory. All apps saved to SD card but still virtually no memory available

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    Android Lurker dudedidtheplan's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Hey guise,

    I'm rooted and having the same problem. You just have to decide what's not important to you and uninstall it.

    One nice thing about being rooted, is that you can download titanium backup(pro) and save your apps and restore them from there.

    Of course I also have 106 apps on my phone and another 200 or so on titanium.

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    Junior Member adithyat149's Avatar
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    Is there any update on process how to root?

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    Junior Member kortakon's Avatar
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    Same boat

    I'm on the same boat, Nexus One, 2.3.6. I've been searching for an hour, bunch of crappy sites with half ass descriptions. Most of the downloaded files are viruses etc. I also need to do something about the memory, but no good options yet...

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    Member zippy's Avatar
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    Guides are in the Oracle:[/QUOTE]

    Hopefully the above guide will help!

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    Junior Member kortakon's Avatar
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    Feb 2012

    Much better

    I have to admit this link is the best I've seen so far. It explains the big picture, and probably the fact that it's a Nexus One focused site helps. One of the problems with most links is that they don't specify which phones/which version of Android OS they refer to...

    I unlocked my bootloader so far, and I think I need to do some more reading to figure out what recovery image I will use to root.

    Thanks a lot Zippy!

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    Junior Member cyberstoic's Avatar
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    This reply is a bit late to the party but for others that might need it.......

    Besides the oracle link above, google "cyanogenmod wiki for nexus one" The instructions will be there and links to all the files needed.

    Just being rooted may not get you what you want. You are going to have to put an ext3 or ext4 partition on your sd card and then use s2e or a2sd to have the internal and dalvik caches symlinked to that ext partition.

    A personal suggestion would be to load cyanogen mod 7. Then partition your sd-card with an 1GB ext3 or ext4 partition. Then once you boot up, go to market and get S2E and let it manage your apps on the ext partition. Don't move them manually, it will handle it.

    The other alternative is to load the current Miui (on 2.2.10 as of today) from or Once that is loaded you use A2sd to have the apps automagically load in your ext3 partition. I am using Miui, and my sdcard is partitioned with a 2gb partition and no swap. I have about 119 apps on there, many large games and have tons of space.

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    Junior Member ctmeche's Avatar
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    Never too late, cyberstoic, as there will always be newer people showing up here. I've had my Nexus One almost 2 years, but thanks to recent app updates that are more bloated than ever, I have to delete stuff just to keep using the phone. Ticks me off that many of Google's own apps don't support App 2 SD.

    Anyways, I've got a Nook Color with CM7 on it, but I bought it for that purpose over a year ago, and didn't care about wiping the memory first. But on my Nexus One, I want to save some data, like my Angry Birds scores (I know, it's stupid, but I just do...)

    Anyways, can you be more clear on how to create an ext3 or ext4 partition on the SD card? Is that an option in Recovery, or in CM7?

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