Hey guys, could you please help me out with something? I'm on MIUI-1.10.8 on my Nexus One and want to unroot my ROM, as in keep all of the MIUI goodness but without root. This is so I can run this app called Good for Enterprise (GFE) that most corporations including mine use for office mail and my company has enabled an additional server side restriction of not letting the app run on rooted phones. All my searches on unrooting have only yielded results about going back to stock which I don't want to do. And honestly stock just won't cut it after a custom ROM, right?

I've looked into most other discussion threads on GFE and some people have suggested deleting the su binary, superuser.apk and busybox (which are what the app checks for on each startup). But wouldn't that break MIUI, or are all of a custom ROM's core features baked into the OS so they continue to run even without root? Please advise.