Hey guys, long story short I broke the headphone jack on my Nexus One and audio only plays in one ear now.

The phone is out of warranty and I don't much want to pay to have it fixed if I can avoid it. I was thinking about getting wireless headphones for the phone regardless, but I don't know much about this stuff and have a concern. I had a bluetooth earpiece a while back but I could only seem to get audio to it from the phone calls and not the media on the phone. Is there any way to make music and movies play through a bluetooth device on the Nexus One?

If so, does anyone have a recommendation for some reasonably priced bluetooth headphones that will work with this phone?

If not, what else would you recommend to work around this problem? I have heard you can get headphones that run through the micro USB port? Is it easy to configure so that the sound goes through there? Do they make wireless headphones for it?

Thanks a lot everyone.

Thanks a million!