I see several "NEW" Nexus One's advertised on Ebay. Are these advert's some kind of scam? Did HTC make a dual band 3G N1. My concern is that the 3G frequency wouldn't match up with AT&T in the USA.

New HTC Google Nexu One 5MP Android V2 1 3 7" 1GHz GPS WiFi Unlokced Smartphone 4710937342192 | eBay

I wrote the seller and asked this question and this is the response:
"The phone is fully unlocked for all GSM network in the world .
And we have no special version for USA AT&T ."

My N1 is close to death and I don't like any new phones that I see. My favourite points on the N1 are the small size and trackball controller. Are there any reliable sources for AT&T compatable N1's or parts for them?

Anyone have any advise:nexusx: