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Thread: Nexus and/or Android Issues

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    Nexus and/or Android Issues


    I have had my Nexus One for about a year and unlike everyone else who raves about them, I am continually frustrated by mine. I am not sure whether they are Nexus or Android issues.

    Firstly, I used to have a Palm. Palm's philosophy seem to be that the PDA was a data gathering device and the date gathered would ultimately be uploaded to a PC. With my Nexus, most of the apps leave the data on the phone. e.g. I use a diary/journal app, but there is no way to load the data into my PC for permanent storage or incorporating into reports etc. Hence the diary is a bit limited. Palm had a great app called DayNotez which had a desktop companion for storing and searching your journal.

    Where the is a share/upload facility, these mostly work through the "cloud". Great if you want to synch only when there is internet access, but I would prefer to do this by cable when I am flying or traveling by train. Also I work often where there is no internet, so I can't synch.

    The keyboard does not have arrows so if you make a mistake you have to try an touch the exact place where the mstake is. With my clumsy fingers this is not always easy.

    These are just some of the frustrations that annoy me everyday. I seem to have come from a different age because I have never seen these issues raised by anyone anywhere.

    Has anyone else experienced this frustrations, or do they have a work-around to avoid them. Maybe I just haven't learned all the tricks yet.


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    There is many ways to save your information to a PC.

    You can connect it USB and download items from your SDCard to the PC (provided the program you are using is saving the items to the SDCard).

    You can also tether the phone so you can have internet on your PC to download from the "cloud."

    The Keyboard can be an issue. If you would like arrow keys, try getting into the Swype Beta Swype | Text Input for Screens as they have arrow keys as a second function of the numbers section.

    You can also use DropBox to sync files between your N1 and your PC (cloud required). This can span across all computers and doesn't need to be installed if you were on someone else's PC you can just go to Dropbox - Home - Online backup, file sync, and sharing made easy. and see your stuff.

    I hope some of my rambling helped.

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    With the N1, you can also use the trackball instead of arrows. I kinda like that option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WERA689 View Post
    With the N1, you can also use the trackball instead of arrows. I kinda like that option.
    seconded, also, try docs2go, makes word/office files on you phone that can be transfered to pc

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    helpful posts.
    its really nice.

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    TO save files you can use Dropbox that uses the cloud computing technique that has many advantages for accessing files that you would like to sync between computers. I believe there are lots of ways to transfer wirelessly including bluetooth (the bandwidth is limited, but it doesn't require any new software and should just work via file manager).

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