Not so long asit became known about the new device that is under the development. The name of it is the Nexus One.
It is a new netbook made by Google.

In fact the device does not exist for that reason there are no available screenshots. It is expected that the netbook will appear in the market around Holiday 2010. Moreover, one can say that Google operates with different companies to produce Chrome OS netbooks.

The company designed its own netbook from the ground up. An RFP with detailed design instructions was offered to a producer.
According to TechCrunch, the device will be equipped with an ARM CPU or even a Tegra Chip. Moreover the netbook will provide a high performance and will be inexpensive, it will be available on the Google’s website. But still there was no any official confirmation concerning the device.

It is unclear whether the netbook will be available with Android as well as Chrome OS. One should say that the Nexus One may be considered as the first step along the long road of Google devices

Sidhrath Surana
December 18th, 2009
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