One of our readers has encountered a problem with his Nexus One upgrade. Despite being a T-Mobile customer that qualifies for the full $180 contract price, his phone rang up at $379. HTC seems to think this is a-ok. UPDATED:
I just tried to order a nexus one from google as an existing T-Mobile customer and found that I was only seeing a $150 subsidy discount. I called T-Mobile and they indicated that I should see the full discount. They patched me through to HTC who then said I will only see the $150 as existing T-Mobile customer and that is the agreement. Looks like some lines are crossed or Google/HTC are holding existing customers hostage. Needless to say, I'll wait around and see if this changes.
Is this an isolated incident, or did you experience a similar problem as an existing T-Mobile customer? What about those of you that switched to T-Mobile for the Nexus One? [Thanks Quinn!]
UPDATE: According to the pricing FAQ on the Nexus One, $379 is the price for existing customers who are updating their data plans, $279 is the price for existing customers adding data plans and the $180 price seems to be reserved only for new T-Mobile customers. That's some crap right there.

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