Did any of you switch from VZW - what carrier are you on?

This is a discussion on Did any of you switch from VZW - what carrier are you on? within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Originally Posted by Colin Originally Posted by TheDude Originally Posted by dida Verizon doesn't use GSM technology , so you can not sell that phone ...

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Thread: Did any of you switch from VZW - what carrier are you on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDude View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by dida View Post

    Verizon doesn't use GSM technology , so you can not sell that phone for the rest of the world if you want to.
    That device will accept only us verizon sim card. Verizon and Sprint have CDMA devices/network.

    ATT/T-MO are GSM like Europe and Asia , rest of the World.
    CDMA does not use SIM cards. Verizon and Sprint cards are identified through the ESN mostly now, somewhat older phones with the IMEI.
    Yes, but I think some have the option to have a SIM card installed, my cousin has a Blackberry Tour on Verizon and I seem to remember a SIM card in there when he showed me the phone. He was also able to add international service for his trip to New Zealand.
    No Sim for the Droid. The Tour had one due to the fact you could unlock it to use Sims overseas.....

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    Question just bought Android's thru Verizon , wish would have known N1 was around the corner!

    Quote Originally Posted by NXS View Post
    I'd say wait it out and get the N1 on the VZW network. If your contract is coming to an end anyway, there may end up being a decent subsidized plan available upon release.
    If i was with Verizon & eligible for an upgrade I'd wait it out, no prob but the problem is that we just bought a Droid and Eris with Verizon - new customers - paying the high Veri $$$ for an inferior phone (that i don't really care for -<heavy , poor h/w keyboard>) ......

    for someone like me that just bought a Droid - have a week to return / cancel Verizon (new customer) , it's a bad deal - if i return the Droid, cancel - then i won't be eligible for the Nexus One in a few months on Verizon plus what will I do in the mean-time for a phone? (can't go back to carrier b4 Verizon because I'd now have to sign a contract to go with them too)

    this really stinks , if only i would have known that the Nexus One was coming out my wife and i wouldn't have left our other carrier (where we were out of contract, free to leave) last month and gotten the Droid and Eris with Verizon , def would have waited (don't like the h/w keyboard on the Droid at all , flimsily - loose slider , hard to type , no auto-suggestion that's found on the Droid's virtual keyboard) for the Nexus One - but now even though i have a little time to return the phones to Verizon - we are screwed because of the whole contract deals (blew our chance at buy-in prices on phones with Verizon 3 weeks ago) - ugh!

    plus if we were to jump to T-Mob from Verizon, returning the Droid and Eris - there doesn't seem to be a Family Plan (two N1's) with T-Mob. I'd be willing to go with T-Mob's svc (Verizon isn't so hot here, same as Sprint our prev provider for 5+ yrs) - I use WiFI most of the time anyway (just so we cud make calls ok).

    The lack of 3g coverage with T-Mob - do they offer free roaming (normally Ver and Sprint do)? if so , then couldn't you just at least always get T-mob basic data rate or AT&T Edge if away from main T-Mob area (like off of Interstate while traveling) and the Edge AT&T wold be free? (roaming data) ?

    the most important part of this for me:

    Any advice on how to get out of new Verizon contract / return the Droid and Eris & get into the N1 in April ? Anyone think Verizon would make a deal where I could trade-in the Droid (keep the ERis, my wife loves it) for the N1 in April, would they go for that? If not, anyone know if we would cancel now with Verizon, return phones within 30 day period as new customer if they would allow us to get N1's as new customers again in April? (receive discounted N1's with new 2yr contract) ?

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    CMDA technically will always have better reception, as it runs on a lower frequency (900 mhz); lower frequencies have better penetration.

    GSM (USA is 1.8-1.9ghz; YES there are 850/900 but not in the USA) is a higher frequency, thus lower penetration (ie: walls/buildings)

    however, biggest downside of CDMA is that outside the USA, your phone will not work

    where-as gsm phones will work world-wide for the most part, and you can go to any country, swap in a pre-paid sim and start calling-- can't do that with your CDMA (ESN) controlled phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Seems like a bad move to switch from VZW for the N1 when it's just a couple months on the horizon (hopefully). Personally I'm not willing to be on any other network, no matter how cool the phone is. My old roommate had an iphone, he couldn't use it in our apartment. We live 2 miles from downtown Long Beach CA - one of the highest populated areas in the state and the country for that matter. IMO it's unacceptable not to have service in an area like that. I've wanted an iphone for years, would have bought one if it worked on VZW. Afterall, what good is a phone if you can't use it? Always funny when your friends w/ iphones need to borrow your dumb phone cause theirs doesn't work...

    With that said I have heard good things are coming to TM in regard to service, so I'm not going to make any judgment on what may be happening - but as it stands now I don't see any reason to go w/ anybody but VZW if top notch service is what you're looking for.
    I completely agree with you. Even i had an Iphone with crappy AT&T service inside my apartment. As you said, Phone is of no use, no matter how expensive or fancy it may be.

    Later I moved to Tmobile, which is far better than AT&T in my area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mapexvenus View Post
    I have the Droid on VZW and will probably have to wait until the device is released on this carrier. I am curious about whether any of you switched from VZW so that you get get the Nexus One. What carried are you on and how is carrier performance?
    Thanks for posting this. I'm considering the same thing. I'm out of contract, currently on Verizon and considering jumping to T-Mobile for the Nexus One. There's a lot of things I like about T-Mobile/the GSM version (such as ability to resell it, remove sim and go to another phone, cheaper prices, T-mobile is generally not as strict as verizon with their network/charging extras for features, etc.). And I have a limited window for purchasing as smart phone with a $100 subsidy from work, so if I want to get that I have to move soon. And since Verizon/Google isn't saying when they're going to release the CDMA Nexus One, I'm starting to feel T-Mobile is the way to go. But still unsure.

    But I haven't gotten a very clear picture of the difference between T-Mobile and Verizon's networks. I've heard T-Mobile is faster because of their HSPA rollout, but Verzion obviously covers more land and I know their network is solid. I've never had a problem with Verizon dropping calls (maybe once or twice in 4 years of service, but I'm not a big phone talker). I'm most concerned about data. I don't travel to the boonies often, and T-Mobile's 3g maps show that they cover most cities in the U.S. So I think that might work... maybe?

    Anyone else who's gone from big red to big purple have thoughts?
    :nexusx: A new hope. :nexusx:

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