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Thread: 02 (UK) PAYG Sim Options

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    02 (UK) PAYG Sim Options

    Hi all, I thought I'd share my experiences with my Nexus One and using my 02 (UK) PAYG Sim.

    I've been with 02 for a while but only been using PAYG in a normal SE phone and never bothered with any kind of internet access on it. I decided to stick with O2 for my N1 after looking around and realising I could get my data quite cheap through O2.

    I've set up so that I use standard a PAYG Sim (not simplicity) so I just pay for my calls and texts without any contract, and added the Web and Wifi bolt on for £10 per month.

    On top of the bolt on there are a number of top up bonus options - and I've selected one that gives me a set number of free calls and texts to any uk mobile or landline - depending on how much I top up every month. Given I don't make masive amounts of calls or text a great deal either I think this will work very well for me.

    There are a few other top up bonus options - one which includes unlimited internet - so that could work for you - with or without the wifi bolt on which comes in at £7.50 / month. I decided not to go with that just because the extra £2.50/month to go with the web and wifi bolt on meant I got the free any-network calls and texts which is a good deal for me.

    I should point out that the web and wifi - according to O2 - is exclusively for the iPhone. I took a bit of a (slightly educated) gamble that it would still work on my N1 - and I'm happy to say I've got it up and running. I'll create another thread with the settings there which I had to add manually.

    Its obviously a personal thing depending on your usage - but for me I'm going to get away with probably about £15/month which will give me 100 free minutes to any uk landline or mobile, 100 free texts to any mobile and unlimited 3g access and unlimited wifi access. Then I just have to pay for the small amount of calls/texts I make beyond the free that I get... Si I'm very pleased. Oh - and I'm not locked in to anything!

    If anyone has any other good PAYG options for O2 - please do share...

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    I'm am on O2 at the moment and pay around £35pm and have been looking at ways that I can reduce my monthly charge. My contract is due for renewal in May and I was planning on staying on the same tariff, getting an upgrade and selling it but from what you have said it may be worth trying a PAYG sim.

    Has anyone had any experience with the Simplicity sims? That was something else that I was considering but not got around to making any firm decisions yet.

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    I am using a Simplicity sim, having previously had an 18-month iPhone £35 contract.

    I'm on the 12-month package for £20 a month, which suits me especially as I have the 'unlimited' data bolt-on, which is included in the price. I don't have access to the free o2 wifi hotspots that the iPhone package gave me, but I don't miss that too much.

    I think the monthly £20 deal also gives data, which I would say is absolutely necessary on a phone like the Nexus One. I could probably use the monthly one instead of the 12 month one, because I don't use all the talk time. However you might want to compare other charges between simplicity and PAYG - I think there's differences in international charges and stuff like that.

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    O2 UK, two years contract 200 minutes,200 texts, 200MB Data, only £10 per month, i think i got the best deal.

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