I use a UK access number to route my international calls for a fraction of the price of calling direct. I'm sure you know how they work: you dial the access number, then dial the number you want to call followed by hash, then it connects you for 2p a minute instead of 50p a minute with your mobile plan.

Now, I have it programmed in my contacts book as follows:

accessnumber (pause) phonenumber (hash)

So it looks something like this:

which worked perfectly on my iphone and N95, and sort-of does on my N1.

The problem is that I have a contact with a landline and a mobile, both of which I dial using the access number. But for some reason Android is looking at the access number, the bit before the comma, and deciding that both the numbers must be identical so it only displays one of them in the contacts. Weirdly, if I edit the contact the other number is still there - just not displayed on the contact's page!

So I've two questions:
1. Other than creating two contacts (which defeats the object of having unified contact pages with all the info) does anyone have a way around this?
2. Is there a way to 'send' a number down the line from my contacts to the access number? In other words, I dial the access number then when asked I press to send the number I want to connect, which is also stored as a contact. At the moment, if I try it sets up a second call to the number I wanted to send... this would mean I don't have to have two numbers set up, one prefixed with the access number for calls and another without for texts.