This is my first andriod phone. So far I love it but there were a few niggles that had me doubting my purchase. I was a little overwhelmed at first with the differences coming from a dumbphone and being used the the interface on my 3rd gen ipod touch but now I'm familiar with it and I appreciate all the customization and navigation that it provides. There appears to be an ever so slight gaps between the battery cover and the phone body on the right side of the phone where I can just barely see the sim card through the crack - I wondered if that was normal or just a flaw with my handset. All of the negative press was getting to me and I wondered if I should have a shipping box ready to return the handset in case the reported problems turned out to be real deal-breakers.

Then I took it to a restaurant with me where I met up with a Turkish couple who both had iPhone 3gs they're very proud of their choice of phone and are always playing with it and fawning over it. I showed them the N1 and after showing them a few tricks it has up it's sleeve, they were pretty jelous of the n1. They were especially impressed with the powerful and free car nav and they marveled at the the integrated voice to text. The thing that floored them however was google translator. I set it up to translate from English to Turkish - and we were all shocked at how accurate it was. The longer the phrase, the less accurate it was but at the least, it's an amazing pocket multi-language dictionary that you can talk into. I tried Spanish and not only does it translate but it will speak the translated results in spanish. Very, very impressive and I'll definitely be getting a ton of use out of it when I travel to Turkey.

I downloaded the 2.1 SDK and I want to create an app that will transcribe my voice and email the text to my gmail account in one or two button presses. I also want it to respond to lead-in keywords like "calendar" and automagically create an event based on the date I speak.

Does anyone know of an app that does something akin to what I describe?