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    Has anyone used both the Droid and Nexus one side by side? I like the way the Nexus one looks but I'm not crazy about the track ball. I also like the droid but not the slide out keyboard. Which one will last longer the track ball on the slide out mechanism on the droid? Also is the track ball just an HTC thing because the droid does not come with one? My last question is how well does the email client work on both device?


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    Trackball is easily replaceable.... A mechanism for a slide out keyboard could be snapped by accident or could ware out with-in time.

    Both great phone but the N1 is SOLID device and built very very well.
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    Trackball is the winner

    I've got both, the Droid (milestone in my country) for about 3 weeks and much as I have come to love the Droid, the keyboard really is no better than a decent onscreen one in landscape mode. It feels solid enough, but the keys have no demarcations to help you touch type and the top row is too near the body of the phone to be used by anyone with normal sized fingers. The D-Pad is just plain annoying, I end up hitting the center button more often than not instead of a direction or return on the keyboard.
    The trackball on the N1 however is excellent for one thing in particular - text editing, which I am sad to say seems better implemented on the iPhone (damn you apple, your patent lawyers are strong!!). Another side benefit is that its a pretty big notification LED and if it eventually proves to have more than one color available for different notifications that is gonna be excellent for me. As for durability, most of the time I'll not use it anyway because the touchscreen the main interface, so I don't think it will be a problem (for me anyway).

    I've only used the gmail app on both and while they are identical in functionality (apart from N1's omnipresent voice search), the N1 is way faster at rendering html emails.

    In general the whole phone (N1) is substantially less laggy than the Droid and doesn't even feel like its reached its full potential yet.

    I guess I'm biased because I've never really liked sliders in any form, right from my old pocket pc days. The Droid was always going to be a stepping stone for me, I just didn't bargain on it being available so soon in the UK.

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    I agree the keyboard is nothing spectacular. After using the Droid slider a lot for a month. Im a text addict so i slide that thing hundreds times a day. Ive notice the slider is loosening, one of the main reason i switched to Nexus. When i pull it out of my cell phone holder, sometimes i find that it is not in its proper lock position, which really worries me. Both email works fine.

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