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No is mentioning the famous "turn the WiFi sleep policy to NEVER"...
This seems to help dramatically - I think - for any Android device..
I suspect this is because the wifi will sleep while the screen is off and then wake up and start actively searching for a signal using full power as soon as the screen comes on. Since it has no idea whether or not a registered access point is in range, it keeps the full power signal going for a minute or two then powers down.
By putting the sleep =never, it always knows when you move out of range and since you aren't actively using your connection, it idles the wifi power at its lowest point for usage. It powers it back up to full power when you are going out of range or when you are actively using it. Once you're out of range it just goes back to idle.

Just my 2 cents and slightly educated guess as to what is happening. However, I do concur that setting wifi to never sleep seems to have increased my battery life. I usually just try to remember to turn it off.