I've been reading a lot about the whole Chrome OS hype alongside my Android news and I know a lot of people are celebrating both OS's but maybe there's less to celebrate...for android users.

Like I was reading this article today:
Cydle Shows Off its Android Tablet and Chrome OS Netbook (Chrome OS device next to Android as if they are competing)

Companies are expanding Andrtoiod to litterally everythiong its like, we now have android tablets (just like an over sized Nexus one to me), android netbooks and like a million other devices.

My biggest concern is with tablet and netbook androids. I think all that these companies like HTC and Cydle are doing is setting up a collision between Android and Chrome OS. The more the uses of the OS's overlap the higher the possibility of Google loosing attention on one OS and turning attention to another. and according to all the news leaks it's like they're already turning their attention to Chrome OS.

I heard that Google's master plan is to slowly merge Android into Chrome OS over the next few years. already this puts android in the back seat

what do you guys think? Is there much of a future for the droid?