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Incidentally, it is worth doing the sums to work out the most economic way of getting hold of the phone. Sure, when it arrives, I can get one through Vodaphone, probably with a 35 a month 2 year contract and let's say a price of 180 (I did these sorts of sums when considering an iphone). I am currently out of contract and have a rolling one month sim only agreement with T Mobile, 15 a month including data (I have been a customer for a loooooong time and they will always reduce the tariff if you do not upgrade but stay with them!), so in one year I am saving 240 on the contract (and it is a 2 year tie up don't forget). Add the price of the phone, then look at the cost of the Nexus unlocked. I have the advantage, if say I fall out with T Mobile or Orange next week announce a Sim only with data for 10, I can move with a month's notice.

Going back to the original thread, sorry but you won't get round paying the VAT, etc, just a pity DHL are a bit slow on sending out the Invoice.

that's exactly my thinking; currently with T-mob but have the choice to move subject to 30 day cancellation notice and can go to another provider the next month etc.