Haha no I certainly did not choose it based on other people's hatred, I'm not that gullible. I approached the subject with an open mind (knowing any phone that expensive will have to last me years), and came to the conclusion I wanted the Nexus, as I feel it is a superior phone. I love my iPod Touch, but I just think I will love my N1 even better than I'd like an iPhone... at this point in time. No doubt Apple will come up with a vastly improved version, leaving Android behind, and I think such competition is a good thing.

I guess my main point was, I managed to see through the fan ravings, some bordered on ludicrous. Overall, I think the Android crowd is a bit more open minded and more honest.

If the iPhone had been superior, I would have chosen that, but I feel it wasn't, and I chose the N1. Simple as that