Well, I may be getting the cart in front of the horse here.

Here's the deal. I am waiting for the VZW version of the N1. I almost bought a droid a short while ago. However...I want to be able to use the phone as a "lite" browser when I am in wifi hotspots... and I don't want to be saddled with Verizon's $35 data package.

With the verizon 'droid, in order to be able to use wifi to browse (or access emails) you must purchase their data package.

I was thinking about purchasing a second device to carry, such as an Ipod Touch when I heard about N1. Looks like a great phone, and just what I'd like to carry. But I won't buy it if they allow Verizon to lock down the wifi.

So... here is the $64k question.... Does anyone know if Google will allow N1 users on VZW to use wifi WITHOUT purchasing the Verizon data option?

Fingers crossed!



P.S. Any news on the release date for the CDMA N1? Opportunity to pre-order?