Have had fun reading all the posts about nexus one and the android software. Had a droid before this and wanted the bluetooth dialing features,which still arent here. Am also using a 3g iphone, but the att service is so poor I thought I would try the nexus.
Several takes on the droid and nexus compared to the iphone.
As in some of the treads I have read in the differant forums I have found the following:
Sluggish dialing of numbers ( I have yet to run the iphone in the ground,you can punch in the number very quickly, with the droid and nexus there is a small delay between numbers.
I have also noted that ,as posted, you have to hit the numbers sometimes several times before it completes tasks. Not sure if this will get fixed in an update or not. No loss of signal as some have complained, or switching in and out of 3G.No cool music software.
If i have completed a call or the number is busy,with the iphone I can just hit the send button once and it brings up the number I just dialed, hit the send/call again and it dials the number not so with nexus/droid.
I dont have the bluetooth headset dial feature but all three phones dont have it and the 3gs bluettoth dialing works half the time.(wifes phone)
The nexus phone is slippery, and would have been better if there would have been more of a rubber type surface to hold it better. I put a case on the iphone that works pretty good,maybe there are cases that look and work nice for nexus. Had a case for the droid but was bulky.
When i bought this phone I was NOT trying to buy an IPHONE KILLER.
I liked the idea of the android software and the 1 gig processor, in my opinion I think this will become one of the major standards in mobile communication. I am digging into the nexus more and more with the help of my 17 yr old daughter (who thinks a sidekick phone is aces UGH) we are learning.
These forums have helped . and with the forums and posts we are learning more and more