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I'd check NewEgg.com too -- they often have fantastic prices and free shipping:
Newegg.com - Flash Memory,micro sd

Also, watch out for what 'Class' of card your getting. Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, etc... They are ratings for how fast your card is. If you're playing movies or games off the card, it could really suck to have things stuttering/pausing/buffering all the time.

More info on classes here:
Secure Digital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I bought a 16 mb microsd class 6 (40x speed, compared to class 2's which are only 13x speed) and am really happy with it.
i believe thats only for write speed. i have used class2 cards to play video off a (rockbox) sansa player player with no issue just took a noticeably longer time to write the data over.

edit: still wouldn't buy a no name card, had a few of them fail.