Static noise when calling someone

This is a discussion on Static noise when calling someone within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Sorry to bump an old thread, but i seem to have this problem too, along with hearing my voice echo a second or so after ...

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Thread: Static noise when calling someone

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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but i seem to have this problem too, along with hearing my voice echo a second or so after saying something.

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    I have had the echo too, but mainly only when the other side has me on speaker phone.

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    i get this on my verizon phone it is hit or miss ? i am in mi. where are all of you at ? is it just around here ?

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    I have a Sprint/EVO and I have the same problem.

    I know this is not a Sprint forum but please bear with me...

    I am with Sprint for almost 10 years and never had an issue like this until I got the EVO.
    (I had a palm centro prior)

    When I make an outgoing call - no static, phone sounds decent
    When I revc. an incoming call - static when the other person talks or we talk at the same time.

    It is a short burst high pitched hiss or static.
    This occurs on the earpiece, speaker phone, wired headset and Bluetooth headset.

    the static was so bad you cannot even talk on the phone..I have to hang up and call the person back.

    I know this is not a Sprint or HTC forums, but this is the exact same issue I have.
    I have tried hard and soft reset.

    and this is my second EVO phone of a different hardware version that is doing this.
    (1st EVO was v002 this one is v003)

    nothing seems to fix this issue..
    - hard reset / softreset
    - changing roaming settings
    - changing evrc settings (evrc, evrc-b, 13k etc etc)
    - disabling or enabling various sensors and radios within the phone

    I have verified that it exists when people call from the following networks, ATT, Windstream/Alltel, Sprint, VOIP.

    and If I call myself from a landline I can hear it..but if I call myself right back from the cell phone to the land line it goes away...?

    its only on incoming calls.

    I live in Atlanta and have a St Louis number..I have had this number for almost 10 years, and I have lived in ATL for at least 6 previous phones never had this issue.

    Some have suggested that my incoming calls are being sticky to a certain server or router on the Sprint network and this is causing the issue.

    I am going to try to port my St. Louis number to an old sprint device and provision an Atlanta number on my EVO today to test this theory.

    Sprint nor HTC have an answer...and sadly web searches arent pulling up much either, but the issue definitely does exist.

    So now we just have to find out what we all have in common.

    Hope this helps.


    so after having tried everything, I decided to restore my current phone number on an old Sprint phone and add a new local number on my new EVO.
    Sprint did this at no charge for testing.

    and guess what? works!
    no more static

    and guess what else....switching it back.....static again!

    so now they are looking into it, they are thinking a router or tower along the way to my location is not config'd properly.
    but I may have to give up my phone number or just keep it on a secondary line and forward the calls.

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