so where is the EQ for the music on my n1?

let me start off by saying that i love google more than apple,, i sold my ipod touch when i got my nexus one.

now let me really bash apple... i think its a joke on how "closed" apple keeps their products... they are such asses when they make products that we can customize so little (thats why im on a n1)

but... apple does have GREAT music playing devices... apple is DEVOTED to music more than any other thing their devoted too.

that being said,, apple ipod touch and iphones have EQ options for playing music... why dont the N1 have this? clearly apple knows what they are doing with music and they seem to know that we must need EQ options... so all i can think is that the nexus one is not as good as a player as an ipod, and that stinks.

maybe plugging my nexus one into my car radio is the same as putting a cd in the cd player, maybe with the nexus one plugged in i should just adjust the EQ on my car radio!!?? i dont know....

but when i plugged my ipod touch into my car radio and turned the EQ "off" on the ipod touch.. it sounded plain as to when i turned the EQ on on the ipod...

my final thoughts is that the device itself should have a built in EQ,, and i am now getting the short end of the stick when i listen to music on my nexus one.