Nexus sale scams-how to trace

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Thread: Nexus sale scams-how to trace

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    haha thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sifugazz View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ILoveMyNeXus1 View Post
    some people like my dont like to order things online. mostly because i dont like to wait, im very impatient. but that doesnt mean im gonna pay $200 above retail. i will pay something like $50-$100 to get it right then and there. luckily i found a guy whose wife didnt want him spending $550+ on a phone and sold it to me for $530!! never opened or anything!!
    Wow, did you spend more than a day finding one? 50-100 more, you do know they have one day shipping options right

    Scammer update; he emailed me back, I asked about a macbook and had to repeat my question on his buisness info:

    "Our website is still under construction, here is my contact phone number:+447031978986, our method of payment is via western union, and we do ship via Ups for just 2 to 3days.
    Here is our company details....

    Registered No. 03832249

    Do get back to us with your full delivery address so that we can start packing and label the phone with it in order to make it readiness for shipment. Your contact phone number will also be needed."

    Apparently he forgot I asked about a macbook, not a phone. Western union, a guaranteed payment method to steal your money, lol!

    If anyone in the UK feels like calling the scammer and wasting his time/dime, 99% chance its a guy in Nigeria with a cell phone given the 44+703 prefix...
    Good find sifugazz, this will keep others (newbies) who are thinking of buying a Nexus; if it's too good to be true, it's most probably is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILoveMyNeXus1 View Post
    I went to the google website, saw the phone, and fell in love with it right away. so i went on craigslist and searched "nexus one" for sale, and found 1!!!! i called the guy and offered him $530 and he said yes, so i got it right away and i didnt have to pay for shipping. i feel like i got a better deal. but yea i knew they had one day shipping, but i still couldnt wait. it was on a saturday anyway, so i would have had to wait till like tuesday or something.

    Hahaha lucky you......Can yousay "DESPERADO!" I knew you could! :rofl3:

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