Innocell 2800mAh Extended Life Battery for Nexus One

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Thread: Innocell 2800mAh Extended Life Battery for Nexus One

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    Mine just arrived - review to follow after it gets some 'usage'

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    repost: from Accessories

    Seidio 2800
    I have been following this thread and related threads for awhile on battery life.

    I ordered my 2800 battery a bit after receiving my N1. Ordered on March 3rd, shipped March 5th and received Mar 11 via cheapest shipping and using coupon code for 10% off.

    With the stock N1 battery, I felt as if I needed to be charging most of the day to make sure I didn't have a dead battery when I needed it most.

    After the first day of complete charge on 2800, I unplugged my N1 @ 8:30am and streamed Last.Fm for 3 hours during the morning via wifi w/ 3g, sync & GPS on. All day I had 3g, GPS and Sync on all day. I had to force it to drain completely at 9pm (died at 12am) using navigation, full brightness, screen on and streaming music to drain the battery so I could do a full charge cycle.

    I am really impressed with build quality, the rubber back is a bit slippery. It is overall a seamless design, though the bottom is not "perfect" it is really nice.

    I like that I can use my phone pretty much all day w/o worry of it dying on me. (I work 10-12 hour days outside), and I like that I don't have to toggle GPS, edge and 3g, and sync.

    I guess the battery gets better if you do 5 full charges and complete drains for the first couple cycles.

    To those that think it looks "ugly", it actually is much nicer than using a "Mophie juice pack" for iPhone, smaller and keeps a lot of the same dimensions. For me, not having to charge throughout the day / change batteries is awesome and invaluable. Most of my friends did not even notice I had extra size to the phone.

    Anyways, this is my first post, good to meet you guys. I can't wait for Seidio to come out w/ a case for this setup, but I think I'll be fine w/o it! I will update more!

    Probably suspicious that this is my first post, and I am promoting this product... but I don't care, this was the biggest issue for me... also Ghost Armor is very nice for this phone! Makes it a bit grippy and keeps the sensitivity... not like other "preventative" measures... haha. Ghost Armor @ the mall is great, they charge $10 for labor, $20 for mat'ls and they do an awesome job and guarantee it! No bubbles, and they can do custom work. I suggest the one at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA (I watched the employee throw is Ghost Armored iPhone on a hard surface several times w/o any other casing, and it did not break! I cringed, but it's probably worth it for N1 phones!

    Ha. First post and two promo's!

    *Edit= Just found out that Seidio is selling the 3200Mah now and not selling the 2800Mah... now I feel ripped off! I didn't know they would have had that one, otherwise I would have waited! I hope it is easy to return through Seidio! I hear they have great customer service! I will let you know what I hear back!

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    3200 Mah

    Just received my 3200mah battery yesterday and let it charge through the night for 10-12 hours. Day 1 and so far Im already impressed with battery. After a fairly hectic morning and the screen turned up as high as it can go and wifi on and gps on im only at 79%. Yesterday with more use amount of use and wifi and gps off and the screen set to the default i was easily 60%. Im about to take a nap so Im going to turn some music on and let it play to hopefully drain this thing before its time to call it a night. Things you should know before purchasing. First of all it does make your phone thicker. However if you really need a battery to last you through your day and you dont want to carry 2 then it's not a deal breaker. So with that said brings me to number 2. Since it is thicker if you were using a rubberized case or a hard shell case it wont fit. This has me considering returning it because it just feels to unsafe for such an expensive phone. I was walking in the mall with it earlier purchasing an anti-fingerprint screen protector and looking for a rubberized case for it to fit in somehow some way but to no avail. I was sending a text and walking and I just kept invisioning the phone slowly falling out of my hand and breaking on the ground. Lol. So I've been on edge all day with the phone now because there is no protection for it and sedido doesnt have a case for it to fit the extended battery. They did say they were working on some new products for it and to check back. It will snuggly fit in the pouch your nexus one came with. And the third thing you should know and Im not sure and will be doing a test but it seems to me with the extended battery the speaker is a lot lower in volume. This is something that I noticed but I haven't actually compared but I will and I'll update it later on when I update how the battery has been performing. But if you don't have an anti-fingerprint screen protector please go get one. Im very pleased with it so far especially compared to the last one I had that kept leaving finger paint fingerprints on my screen.

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