Does the N1 need anti-virus?

This is a discussion on Does the N1 need anti-virus? within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Just wondering if smartphones like the N1 need anti-virus program? I mean how safe are these apps or other things we download?...

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Thread: Does the N1 need anti-virus?

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    Does the N1 need anti-virus?

    Just wondering if smartphones like the N1 need anti-virus program? I mean how safe are these apps or other things we download?

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    My 2-cents:

    Apps can (and some will) contain viruses. I would think there are some people out there seriously looking into creating some nasty things (apparently auto-dialers are making a come back).

    Apple will argue that is a major reason they want to control what gets installed on the iPhone (although a commercial argument might have played a role as well). I am not sure how that works with the Android Marketplace. Does code get checked before an app is allowed on there?

    Personally I haven't been using anti-virus on my pc / mac for several years now, as I think common sense is the best protection (and these programs slowed my system, had pop-ups that I had to renew the license, etc). So I don't think I will ever install it on my phone.

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    Lookout (3 in 1)
    - Antivirus
    - Data backup (contacts, photos) to their server
    - Locate your phone & make a scream (can use GPS option for better location info) if someone took your phone.

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    i guess it can still be infected by virus.

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    All I have seen the anti-virus apps do for Android is slow the phone down to a point where it's unusable...

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    I agree with alphawave7 and onenexus, I have Lookout installed, certainly a very useful app, fortunately, I've never had to use it
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    Nowadays many persons make use of their iPhone, BlackBerry and other PDAs to browse the Internet via their terminals and most of them have not yet consider making use of an Antivirus software to protect them.

    Note that your mobile phone can be prone to a malware infection, just like your PC or Laptop, when connected to the internet, these software can be be harmful to the operating system of the phone, applications, personal information, contacts and so on.

    Actually there are only a few viruses and worms for mobile phones, but who knows what will happen in the future.

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    this is just a stab in the dark... but wouldn't the malware piece needs to be programmed specifically for install on a mobile os?

    I mean telling something to embed itself into an OS can't be all that hard, but not all that easy at the same time. Plus if you make a malware piece that can install on Mac OS, Win os, BB os, Iphone OS, Android os, etc etc wouldn't that piece become bloated and not as efficient?

    Now I am not saying that it can not happen, because I am sure it can. It just seems like most malware is written for Windows since that is a majority of the market share right now.

    If you look beyond that... different web browsers can even have an effect on security as well. Think about all the different OSs out there and all the different browsers on those specific OSs... just seems a little daunting for me to try a write a malware piece for desktop/laptop/server OSs and then ontop of it add in mobile OSs and browsers.

    Who has that kind of time and dedication? Funny thing is if they directed all that time and energy into a form of ethical hacking they would make serious bank. I would love to do that, but I am not that SMRT.

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    I think right now there is no need for AV on a smartphone...but in a couple of years...maybe even next year, I see this becoming a necessity. With the evolution of the Smartphone and the sophistication of the OS platform they run on, I can see people starting to develop Viruses for smartphones.

    Unfortunately people keep personal information on their phones thinking it is secure (password, credit card info, PINs, SSN, etc). All it takes is one virus (or a stolen phone) to have your identity stolen.
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    i had it but after reading on here just took it off

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