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I use Mobile Defense in order to recover my phone should it ever get lost. It can track the phone, remotely lock it, send a loud alarm, etc. Their Website is https://www.mobiledefense.com which explains it better than I can, and the download from the market is free.

Is it usable worldwide or just in certain countries?
I haven't seen anything that states it is for US only, but you can check out the Website to be sure. It does locate your phone by showing you a Google map type location from your Web account. It found my phone right to the exact address when I was at my sisters and demoed it for her. We also tested out what happened if she replaced my SIM with hers, and it really did send me an email the SIM was changed and the information from her SIM, I suppose so it could be tracked that way. I thought that was pretty amazing, especially for a FREE product. I haven't tried the other choices mentioned here, mainly because this one appears to work exactly as advertised. They also have a forum full of comments from users who have recovered their phones using Mobile Defense.
Excellent. Thanks for sharing.