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    Quote Originally Posted by andyjames1985 View Post
    ok i think im sold on getting on but is their anything thats i might wanna know coming from a ex iphone user also i c an not stand widgets all over my screen can u just have apps like the iphone on the screen
    You can set up your homescreens however you like. If you only want a few app icons on each you're welcome to it. If you want Widgets all over you can have that too. To answer your question I think it would be pretty easy to just fill up the main homescreen with app shortcut icons and it would replicate what you're used to. It's not what I prefer but that's the nice thing about the platform - it's what you like.

    Like someone mentioned in passing earlier, I think my absolute favorite thing might be the way the notification system works. Just a minute ago I was reading an article in the browser and got an email notification in the bar at the top which was someone's reply to a comment I left on Facebook. Decided I didn't want to reply, deleted, hit back once and I'm right back where I was in my article. All this with my internet radio playing in the background. Seamless and immediate.

    My wife has a 3gs. They're both great great phones with a lot of functionality. It all just depends on your preferences in my opinion. If you value super smooth animation transitions 100% of the time and tons of games and multimedia integration over multitasking and customization (out of the box, not getting into rooting or jailbreaking) then the iPhone might be the better fit still.

    Good luck.

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    One more thing the iPhone has a much better music playing apparently. It can change on the n1 once a developer creates a great one.

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    well i never brought the iphone for music i just brought it beccause it was best for web now it seems its not im feed up of being stuck with itunes and allways worrying about updating my iphone as it be locked and jail breaking it etc i gonna order a n1 just waiting for some funds to clear cheers guys

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