Started with an htc p6800 from us cellular.
After several months of terrable key pad input response (rehit keys to register) I went with an Iphone. You could not out dial, another as fast asd you wanted you could dial numbers into the phone and it never jammed up. When you hit a button for an app it responded.
The problem I had was the terrable serbvcie from ATT more dropped calls then ever.
I burn 10,000 minutes a month and had many dropped calls a day around the chicago area.
So I heard about the nexus one and t-mobile and went with them.
I also had a droid with Verizon, which btw in my opinion is the best service provider I have ever had.
The droid and the nexus one both exhibited the same slow response in dialing, along with having to hit the buttons sometimes twice to make them work.
Is there a rom out there that could change the response time on the pad? make it more responsive?
Being on the road alot its kinda a pian to have to make sure the number is dialed right.
This could also be resolved by having blue tooth headset dial but I have not seen this "fix" coming yet.
I know about the blue ant but thats just a cheap work around to the bluetooth.
Maybe there is a rom that will also allow bluetooth headset dialing??
I really like the phone as well as the iphone, except for these issues.
Any thoughts?