the last time i posted a massage i was telling everyone about the issue i was having with my n1.when i look at any type of video my n1 will shut off and reboot, it will do this every time i look at anything on youtude,and also if i talk on the phone for more than 5 min the phone will lose the connection and reboot.i call google custom service and they had me to do a battery pull and a factory resat but that didnt help, so they gave me htc number. i call htc and they had me to send them the phone they kept it for about 5 day, and then they sent it back.when i turn the phone on and sign on to youtube the video played for 2 min and then the phone shut off and rebooted just like it did before they repaired it.i made a phone call and after 5 min the phone lost connection and rebooted. i guess i have to send my n1 back and be without it for another week.