OK, well I bought the N1 that doesn't work on AT&T's 3G band (T-Mobile 3G version) about a month ago and now they just released one that works on the 850MHz band for AT&T's 3G. I see a lot of people that are using the N1 already on AT&T that are only on a 2G/EDGE network are pondering selling their phones and buy the AT&T version.

1) I want to ask those that you that know, or have already done this - besides 3G DATA Speeds, ARE THERE ANY OTHER BENEFITS for swapping your current N1 for the AT&T N1?

2) My other question MOST IMPORTANTLY is, will the NEW AT&T N1 be recognized in the system as a Nexus One? If that is so I believe it is 100% MANDATORY to have the $30 Smartphone data plan. The reason I am asking is that on my current N1 that is on 2G/EDGE, the system does not detect my phone as an N1 and previously I had a dumbphone's IMEI registered to my line. I was able to get the $10 unlimited data plan (for having the unlimited SMS family package) that gives me EDGE. While it is still working for me, and I think EDGE is enough for me since most of the time I'd be using it on Wi-Fi. If I were to switch to the AT&T 3G version, will the $10 plan no longer work or give me 3G? Will it require the $30 plan for 3G?

Thanks in advance.