Nexus One AT&T Owner Roll Call!

This is a discussion on Nexus One AT&T Owner Roll Call! within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; I live in the Phoenix area and I am dropping every call!! I had an iphone before and experienced this but this is now every ...

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Thread: Nexus One AT&T Owner Roll Call!

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    Junior Member darwinmartin's Avatar
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    Mar 2010

    Dropped Calls Almost Every Call!!

    I live in the Phoenix area and I am dropping every call!! I had an iphone before and experienced this but this is now every call with the Nexus One. It didn't do this the first few days I had the phone. I am tracking it down to perhaps an application that could possibly be doing this.
    I got the AT&T version with 3g access and have had it for 13 days. I called and got a return invoice number in case the next few days is not fruitful.

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    Junior Member JustSomeDude's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    After swearing to myself that I would drop the iPhone as soon as a decent Android phone came out for AT&T - I made my Google Nexus One purchase on March 17th... release day! My iPhone has since been sold on eBay - good riddance!!

    I live in Denver, and with the atrocious 3G-to-EDGE switching (and subsequent dropped call) problems my iPhone 3G had drove me totally insane. I always believed this was a hardware issue with the iPhone's 3G radio - not AT&T's network. Now that I'm using the Nexus One, I could not be happier. Areas that were notorious "holes", are a breeze with my N1. Some may find this hard to believe, but in the 2 weeks of having my N1 in Denver, I have not dropped ANY CALLS!! The irony is, my friends with their iPhones continue to ***** about their call quality. This only helps confirm my theories about the iPhone's radio.

    Man - I'm so glad to finally have a good phone with good connections. Thank you Google - the N1 is a godsend.


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    Apr 2010
    Just got my Nexus One in on this past Friday the 2nd of April and I love it already!

    I started my venture into smartphones with my HTC Fuze running Windows Mobile last January on AT&T. I can definitely say that the device and Windows Mobile was an adventure. It wasn't probably more then 2 weeks before I had replaced the stock AT&T ROM with a customized one, however the phone always seemed like something was holding it back. I did finally get it to where I was satisfied, but I never felt it was truly smooth or a joy to use.

    Since the Moto Droid came out I had been really interested in the Android platform, and I even ran it on my HTC Fuze to try it out. However, I wasn't willing to switch to Verizon for it. As soon as I saw the Nexus One I wanted one, but still a problem in that it did not support AT&T's 3G, and I was definitely not going to T-Mobile! Once the AT&T version became available it was on!

    Although I loved and enjoyed my Windows Mobile while I had it I think that Android is the future, and the Nexus One is the first phone I have owned now that feels smooth right out of the box. Android is surely a new beast for me to learn about, and hasn't disappointed me yet. The web browsing is a breeze and a pleasure. While I miss some of the things from Windows Mobile, such as the Windows style file browsing I am accustomed to, I am sure that after a month of using Android I won't think back at all. I have even noticed that my 3G is a lot faster than before. Just downloaded a 100+ MB podcast in a matter of minutes while playing it as it downloaded in Google Listen.

    We'll see how long I go before diving into the more advanced settings of the device and OS.

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