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My 2 cents...

Maybe they are rolling out all phones on all carriers this month, knowing of the issue, and just going to push an OTA when it's on all carriers?

Not to far off to believe. You got to think that these phones were already in production before they started getting hit with all this. I can see it being a software fix. I've seen many people with rooted phones using the leaked firmware that fixed their problems completely. Given it is leaked and a test radio at that!

So, anyone else think that just maybe they are rolling these out and than going to shoot an OTA out to all of them making everyone one big happy family?

Time will tell. Who knows... Google is a very clever company, and they are very good at what they do. So, I say give them some time, I guarantee they will take care of it.

I still have my hopes and fingers crossed that it is just software related!
It seems like a hardware problem and not fixable by OTA. otoh, if you're right that would explain why they're still pushing them so hard even with a hardware problem (ie they're pushing it because it's a software problem that they're about to fix).

I sure hope that's the case, because this is getting old.