Intergrated contact from social network

This is a discussion on Intergrated contact from social network within the Nexus S forums, part of the Google Phones category; 01) Will this Nexus 'S have a function to intergrate contact with our social network apps, i.e: FaceBook? 02) Can we simply find a contact ...

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Thread: Intergrated contact from social network

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    Intergrated contact from social network

    01) Will this Nexus 'S have a function to intergrate contact with our social network apps, i.e: FaceBook?

    02) Can we simply find a contact no matter via nick name, First Name@Middle Name, email address, phone number OR address..? (as long as all info been log in the contact)

    03) "easy finding"
    Can we simply find a content been stored in device memory using it's content/part of content's name? Example: photo album have 1000 pics and i would like to find my friend's pics. The pics was tag with name Badai.

    04) Can i merge all duplicates contact? **this is only happen IF Q's #1 apply for Nexus 'S

    05) If i'm not archive all my email at the 1st place, will it make my device "run" slow to retreive mailbox? Example: my own Gmail having 7 folder and each folder have more than 300++ email.

    06) how i'm gonna setup/retreive my email if it's already out of memory consumption 16GB? I have 4 email account..!? YahooMail, OviMail, MSN, Gmail (this is still not includes with Mail for Exchange for my work BUT it still for 500MB usage)

    07) The default browser - can we use it with function of MultiTab? Example: in one web page we find an URL link, simply choose to open it in another tab without effect the current web page.

    08) is there an option to remember username & password on web browser?

    09) "mutimedia player"
    What else type of file can we play to watch a movie/video beside than MP4/DivXWMV/H.264/H.263?
    **my Nokia N900 can play file formats: .mp4, .avi, .wmv, codecs, MPEG-4, XviD WMV H.264, H.263, matroska

    10) how can we snyc and backup memory to others apps/software? Example: my Nokia N900 can sync contact, notepad, calender & photo with Ovi Share or Ovi Desktop Manager.

    I think that's all for now. Hopefully can get an answer sooner.

    Thanks in advance.

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    1) hard to tell, there's a Facebook app, but it doesn't get much love from Facebook. in addition Google and Facebook are kinda at war at each other, because Facebook tabs into nearly every others' social network/email system to extract contact databases of the FB user, but Facebook does NOT allow that vice versa, like Google or MSN or Yahoo getting into your Facebook contacts to connect via Google-talk or MSN LIVE messenger.

    2) AFAIK by 'any name' combo (first, last, middle), and by email; but as of Froyo 2.2.1 not by phone # (most people don't recall people by pure phone #'s anyway)

    3) there's an app (free) for that :D (like ES FileExplorer)

    4) since all your contacts are backed up and saved on the "Google cloud", you can go to then CONTACTS and edit/merge/delete it LIVE right there off your desktop computer

    5) not if its GMAIL, as the email clients only "update/retrieve" the past few days (changeable in settings) to improve performance, you will NOT have all your email OFFLINE on your phone. Android is using a version of opensource LITE SQL database system for all its functions, but it is a matter of READ/WRITE cycles of the FLASH storage chips, to alleviate the wear-n-tear on those flash-memory chips.

    6) see 5. otherwise time to archive, clean up/out and store away in the cloud on your desktops

    7) yes - its called "new window", they are 'invisible' but easily accessible by tapping "MENU -> WINDOWS"

    8) yes it does that, called REMEMBER FORM DATA and REMEMBER PASSWORDS, two different features

    9) there's an app for that too, called ROCKPLAYER, plays just about anything thats a video-file, and if that fails, VideoLAN - VLC: Free streaming and multimedia solutions for all OS! are porting their infamous VLC-player to android (they may actually be done by now)

    10) Android does a different approach here, which makes much more sense:
    your "stuff" is all tied to a google account. through that google account everything is 'kept' backed-up on googles servers. through that google will retain all your gmail stuff, your contacts, your settings, and your installed apps and purchased apps (if you enter your creditcard info, you can utilize Google's checkout system, which a lot of websites are using these days).

    the idea behind this is, if you loose/trash your phone, you get another, ANY other Android based phone (doesnt matter brand nor carrier), enter your google accounts ID, and google streams/restores live all your stuff back into your phone, especially Gmail, Contacts and calendar/appointments/tasks.

    So there's no actually a backup to a computer per sey - which google see's as a point of failure, it's on a multi-level redundant server of Google. Now, how much do you trust Google with your stuff is up to you, but google is one of the extremely few, security certified services, that allows the U.S. Government to use Google with "sensitive material".

    But you can always use/download a plugin/app for your desktop computer that syncs your google-account's content with i.e. Microsoft Outlook.

    Bottomline is, once you go Android, you never go back. Android is a mix between Palm, WindowsMobile and iOS based on Linux.

    Out of the box, Android doesnt offer very much, it's rather simple and basic, as most people prefer it that way; much like apples iOS/iphones. But in contracts, after flicking a few switches, Android is very, very open to changes and modifications for the hardcore powerusers, who knows what they're doing, much like windowsmobile and beyond.

    there are apps on the Android market that give you the flexibility like a laptop, minus the feature of a fullsized screen & keyboard. Heck with you can remotely access ANY computer like you're sitting in front of it, to move stuff around or work on something you forgot at home/at work.

    the options are pretty much endless, the key is to find the right app for it. If you get out of your head that an Android device is a "smartphone" and is rather a "handheld computer that can make phone calls" - then you're on the right track
    Since i have my Nexus phone, my 1000 dollar Toshiba laptop is hardly used anymore, other than playing 3D games on the go :D


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