anyone agree that nexus S is a total disapointment?

This is a discussion on anyone agree that nexus S is a total disapointment? within the Nexus S forums, part of the Google Phones category; I guess my opinion will be a bit different from most. I am looking for feedback as well, to decide whether this phone is for ...

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Thread: anyone agree that nexus S is a total disapointment?

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    I guess my opinion will be a bit different from most. I am looking for feedback as well, to decide whether this phone is for me or not.

    I have been a BB user for 5 years; I value functionality over everything, design is second.

    Functionality, to me, is comprised by:

    1. High quality PHONE CONVERSATION experience ANYWHERE. Including the deepest places in my house. TMobile has given me that with UMA, which is the reason why I am still a BB9700 user. I wish I knew for sure that TMobile will enable WIFI calling on the Nexus S. I know the G2 does.

    2. Ease of use of the EMail - texting experience. I take it that Android offers that on ANY set. Blackberry excels at this.

    3. INDEPENDENCE, aka Battery life. I like speedier processors and multiple cores, but NOT if I have to plug a charger every 3 hours. This, is a complicated issue. I will always prefer and require a phone that can give me a FULL day of work before needing to be charged. Please, G2 users, the reviews say this is a weakness of your unit ... can you tell me if the reviews are right ?

    4. Internet experience, aka a great browser that works fast and offers the full web experience, which means both good speed on the network and good speed rendering pages (BB sucks at this). Here I see where the faster CPU or multiple cores would be of help, but how much? you only need to make it fast enough that the network becomes the weakest link.

    5. About the lack of HSPA+, well ... it seems most of you guys do not understand that the 21 Mb/s is THE SIZE OF THE PIE on each and every cell that you happen to be at, NOT the dedicated bandwidth of your connection. In that sense, if ONLY THREE users on a particular cell are using bandwidth, voila! you effective MAX speed is 7.2 Mb/s. In that sense, it REALLY doesn't make a lot of difference in the real world whether your phone can go faster than HSPA, it is still the same road for everyone. Even more on big cities.

    6. Durability of the phone! I don't want to pay $550 for a phone that will break the first time I drop it. Are there any strong casas for Nexus S launched already?

    7. Text input. I love blackberry keyboards ... I am guessing I will be giving up something by going to a keyboard less phone ... I hope Swype can help.

    8. Additionals. I carry an IPad with me most of the time, so I could potentially live without music on my phone, but it helps to have some. Same with movies. 16 Gb is enough for me.

    9. Connectivity. Yes, no HDMI, so what? I have DVD players, Blu-Ray players, Apple TV's and multiple PC's from where to stream content. I don't see why I need one more device for THAT.

    10. EASE of use transferring info to/from the phone. I guess this one might be a bit of a weakness, since there is no SD card that I can take out to do so ... but transfers via the USB connection will hopefully work decently.

    11. FUTURE PROOF. This is why to choose a Nexus or G1 or G2 phone. You get them first and do not have to beg the manufacturer to look at you forgotten soul not giving them any new money. The Nexus S has it, so does the G2, the MT4 doesn't, nor do the Galaxies, Droids and such.

    All in all, if I can get WiFi calling from TMobile, this seems like a good phone. So does the G2, except for battery life.

    Please, I would appreciate SERIOUS opinions.

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    1. Well this is more something with t-mo then the nexus S cause gingerbread will have WI-FI calling the only question is will t-mo block it? Who knows?

    2. Well opening a new email is as easy as bring down the notification bar and touching it I don`t know if this is answers your question.

    3. Well battery life is supposed to be good on the nexus S because of the samoled screen and large battery but in theory and in practice are two different things.

    4. Ya well this pretty much depends on network speed and the browser you’re using but I can say it should be faster than on you BB.

    5. Well this is your opinion so I don`t need to give you feed back on it.

    6. Well despite the crapy plastic the nexus S should be ok for not braking I can`t name you a case that is specified for the nexus S yet but otter box and case mate are usually pretty good for protective cases.

    7. Well swype is a little hard to get used to but then it`s FAST.

    8. Once again this is your opinion so no feedback.

    9. Well it's useful to have it so when you’re on the go you can show movies pics etc on a TV. But if you don`t want it then you won`t miss the feature I guess.

    10. This is true it's faster to exchange file on the SD directly but unless you are transmitting
    Large files it's pretty fast anyway.

    11. Live pure Google :D

    Hope this helps.

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