anyone agree that nexus S is a total disapointment?

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Thread: anyone agree that nexus S is a total disapointment?

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    How is it a step back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndroidIsTheTruth View Post
    How is it a step back?
    For what I'm interested in features wise it's a step back. They took out the SD slot, the trackball, and made it all plasticky. Those are all things I don't like and would be negative points if I were considering a new phone right now. The new processor in my 8 months experience isn't needed, I've never felt mine was slow. The front-facing camera doesn't interest me, I'd never use it, so it's just taking up space that could have been used more usefull, e.g. having an SD slot. Don't care about Gingerbread, because (a) Nexus One will get it soon enough, and (2) CyanogenMod6 is better than Gingerbread anyway and even if it weren't, it'll be updated to GB soon enough. Don't care about NFC, but I probably will with my next phone in a year or two. So *FOR ME* it has no incremental value over an N1, but takes some features away from it, so it's *FOR ME* a downgrade.
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    I won't be buying the NS either. At least tmo Mytouch 4G or the G2 seems more of an upgrade.

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    IMHO, for most advanced Nexus One user, it is a bit step back. Mainly because of the dedicated supports from custom modders. Then came Miui, SenseUI and Wildmonk, Pershoot. They had everything they needed already. Yup maybe Nexus S got a few new features and faster processor and Gingerbread too that everyone is waiting. Is that all?

    When Nexus One emerged, it was the best thing ever known that time and with the best tech and features. One of a kind. I'd be hoping Nexus S would have the same impact as Nexus One. Or much better. The expectation was very high I supposed since they shout about Nvidia Tegra and and dual core hype. So everyone was expecting a totally new experience not a mere upgrade. Even our Gingerbread talk thread was promising :D

    Then again, I do believe if Nexus One was born with even 1GB internal storage, we'd be asking "What Nexus S???" or "Who need Gingerbread when we had Miui and Wildmonk???"

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    I think the Nexus S is a good Entry phone for those who missed our Bus of Carrier Free N1s

    Its will probably give others a chance to experience pure unadulterated android

    Well, that's my $0.02

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    Hey guys. New to these forums but had to join since I'm eagerly wanting to switch to android. The dilemma I'm facing is whether I should buy this phone. I've read all the comments on this thread and generally it seems the people that are disappointed are the ones that already own the nexus 1. I want to know whether this phone is worth it for someone like me though. I've been due for an upgrade for ages, and the arrival of this phone seems timely.

    I like the look, and I prefer plastic over metal, especially since it's winter here and holding my iPhone (well the one I'm reluctantly borrowing because I hate it) its bloody freezing. I don't mind the emission of the SD slot since 16gb is enough for me. It does just look like a galaxy S but It has the LED flash which is great.

    My qualms with it is that with the dual cores will be releasing soon (?), will this phone be outdated in a few months? I've seen videos and the phone is running fast enough, I can't see why I'd need another core, especially since the nexus will be getting the latest updates first. The phone doesn't have any new features that I need apart from gingerbread. They see to be promoting NFC as their "killer" feature but it just seems like a gimmick to me, just like the curved screen. Is the camera and video recording any good since it's only 5MP? And I read somewhere that there is no LED light for when you recieve messages? What on earth does that mean and can it be rectified with an update/app?

    Sorry for all the questions and even more sorry if this is the wrong place. If it is can a mod kindly move it to the appropriate thread. Thanks

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    What carrier will you be using? New technology is sky rocketing so whatever you purchase will be outdated quickly. Unless you have the money to buy a new phone every time one comes out you will have to be content with whatever you buy. However the device you buy will have updates for a while.

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    Seems to me that from your description of needs, the NexusS should be fine for you. The LED that's being referred to is the trackball on the N1, which can be set to blink in colors to notify you of messages or other events when the screen is off. You may never miss it!

    Not sure how to advise you about the dual cores that are coming. They ARE definitely coming soon, but it may take a while for apps to take advantage of the extra capabilities... I will say that I won't consider replacing my N1 until the dual cores come out; but then I already have an N1.

    Whatever you decide, we're glad to have you here, and hope we can help you out along your way.

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    Thanks for the Warm reception WERA

    I'm getting it with T-mobile Oceancb. I'm on friends and family (half price tariff) and I've been due for an upgrade for ages. I was going to go for the HTC dHD before I found out about this phone. The Amoled + Android is one of the main reasons I want it. I can just imagine how well feel. I would've preferred a better camera though. It feels like a rip off that a phone this new only offers a camera similar or less than to everyone elses and yet their charging so much.

    I'll have to fork out 110 quid for a 30 contract or 49 for a 35 contract. Obviously it would be half price but I never like paying for an upgrade, especially since I'm tight on money at the moment and the hardware isn't completely brand new.

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    I would get it If I was in your situation. One your not an advanced android user (if such a thing exist) Your not probably going to be into rooting, and flashing custom kernals roms and etc. This phone is going to be on par for a while. Even with TEGRA 2( the only dual core due to come out january-ish') Humming bird GPU is still about equal. The GPU is whats responsible for most of games and how things run graphically. For the average user this is probably the most important things. This phone is not a bad phone, its still on the cutting edge of technology and its very practical. Its a good gateway phone because its perfect phone for a learning curve. As you get more comfortable with android you will be able to hack, customize and modify a stock android phone easier than if it relied on carrier updates. If the TEGRA2 does not come out with and impressive GPU I might find myself getting the NEXUS S because im estimating summer before orion is released in a phone.

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