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This is a discussion on Nexus S or back to MT4G within the Nexus S forums, part of the Google Phones category; Originally Posted by Sheanzy Originally Posted by EasyAndy So Sheanzy, are your saying that this ( YouTube - Explore Nexus S: Gingerbread Connectivity ) is ...

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Thread: Nexus S or back to MT4G

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheanzy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by EasyAndy View Post

    So Sheanzy, are your saying that this (YouTube - Explore Nexus S: Gingerbread Connectivity) is a false statement made by google, or should you do some more fact checking?

    The video was posted to YouTube on November 30th. The tethering charges is based upon the network in which you are on. You are using their data and their services, so it is based on the carrier rules/options.

    Fact checking? I did.. That is why I posted a post from the Official Google Blog that was made public on DECEMBER 21 : Official Google Blog: Some cool Android tips and tricks

    It clearly states:
    Turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot: Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Tethering & Portable Hotspot. (You may have to pay extra for this feature.)
    There was no need to reply to your post because I already stated it. Don't counter act a post that is newer in terms of date added than the video you chose to put on here.

    I DON'T GET CHARGED FOR TETHERING ON MY NEXUS ONE. You 'MAY' have to pay extra for this feather ( tethering/wifi hotspot ). If I were to tell AT&T I got a Nexus One instead of continuing on with my old iPhone plan, I would be capped and I would be charged tethering. It's all situational my man.
    Sheanzy, this video is still being used to promote the Nexus S on the Google/Nexus S web site. feel free to check it out Nexus S ? The new Android phone from Google

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    Do me a favor and click that link you provided. Scroll down and look just below that beautiful gingerbread keyboard. This argument ends.

    --> Ne:nexusx:uS One ROOTED

    --> ...a Gingerbread ROM

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    Yes. Yes it does. It ends right here.


    Sorry, Eric.

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