Gingerbread issue:
Say I have my Nexus S on vibration mode and listening to music through my headset. If somebody gives me a call the phone vibrates but I can't hear the ringing! Furthermore, the answer-button on the headset doesn't work! And I have to dig all the way down to get my phone out for talking.

If I enable sound, the answer-button works and I can hear the ringing, but now the phone itself also rings so everyone else can hear it too! This is super-frustrating!

I use the headset which came along with the Nexus S.

However, my friend's Nexus S works absolutely fine regarding this issue without any problem , so I am guessing it's few select models which have this issue.

I saw a similar thread on the forum for N1 Froyo, however nobody had replied there .I couldn't find any solution on the internet as such. It doesn't seem to be a widely reported problem.

Anyone facing a similar problem? Please do reply.